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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  February 23, 2024 9:00am-10:00am EST

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the last time calista and i saw nancy and paul, she's terrific. she's doing fine. she doesn't look like she's nearly as old as joe biden, and if you watch them walking right there, she's actually making sure he doesn't fall. she's not worried about herself. so i also have to say it's weird. but then a lot of things biden does are weird. maria: kellyanne? >> joe biden is every minute of 80 years old. the polls show over 70% of americans think he's, quote, too old to serve again. that includes a plurality of democrats, the vast majority of self-identified independents. but let's focus on their policies. it's not just his agility, acuity, it's that he has made us less safe and prosperous in this country. maria: all right, we will lee it right there. thank you so much to you both. ing have a great weekend, everybody. varney and company pix it up. stu, take it away.
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stuart: good morning, everyone. it's still all a.i. all the time. artificial intelligence has driven stocks to all-time highs. nvidia's value went up a stunning $277 billion thursday. that's the biggest single-day value increase in history. and it continues today. nvidia has broken above $80 a share is. 800 a share. if it reaches just above $800, it will be worth $2 trillion. can you show me where nvidia is now? $802.05, up another $16 as of right now, premarket. now remember, we're coming off a huge rally, but there's no pullback overall this morning. look at this, the dow up maybe 50, s&p 9 and the nasdaq, after a huge gain yesterday, up another 26 points. the rally continues. interest rates staying at relatively high levels. the 10-year coming in at 4.32 this morning. that means mortgage rates stay probably above with 7%. the 2-year coming in right now at 4.70%.
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that yield is down a bit. bitcoin, little movement, $51,000 right on the nail. gas actually coming down one cent to an average of $3.26. no change for diesel, $4.09. all right, politics. it's the south carolina primary tomorrow. the latest poll shows trump running away with it. 58-35. our question, haley says she's staying in regardless. so what is her goal? if trump continues to advance in key states, he leads biden 46-43 in arizona. in nevada he leads 46-40. today the president hosts a governors' meeting at the white house. strange, the border is not on the discussion list. and california governor newsom has been spotted at the white house. perhaps he's checking out what he hopes will be his future residence. on the show today, we're not if piling on, we're just doing a public service. another gaffe from the president p. he met the widow of alexei navalny and called her yolanda, her name is yulia.
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and we have a great feel-good story from dave port night he's adopted a new dog, miss peaches. she chewed on his wallet. we cover it all, especially on a friday if, february the 23rd, 2024. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ ♪ ♪ get me higher, higher, higher off the ground ♪ stuart: come on, producers, that was an easy call, higher and higher. are you tying that to the stock market and nvidia? okay, you can do it, higher and higher. a rainy day in new york city and not many people on the street. yes, it is friday morning. we're going to start today not with politics, no. we're starting with money. nvidia still in rally mode. it closed up more than 16% today. today it's up $17, another 2%, 802 is your level.
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it could cross the $2 trillion market cap line right at the open. look who's here with us this morning, up bright and early, 9:00 new york time, charles payne if joins us. lauren: he's been in the office for hours. stuart: that's true. [laughter] same time as i have. does nvidia have room to run above $800 a share. >> it does have room to the run above $800 a share. i think maybe it could if get a little more volatile down the road. obviously, the higher it goes, the more volatility you can expect. right now they've got this all to themselves, right? i mean, it's -- this market that's been carved out, the adoption of a.i. around the world is happening very quickly. so it's just one of those things. it's, you know, i'm not telling people necessarily chase it if they don't own it, but if i owned it, i wouldn't sell it. stuart: well, i don't own it. should it be a part of my basic portfolio which i've owned for a long time? >> i'm trying to -- i came into the year, my subscribers had nvidia and super micro computers which i told, concern sold, it
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and only went up, like, $300. [laughter] but we made a gazillion dollars on it, same thing with nvidia. i've had five categories with a.i., new or reinvented names. irk bm if at the top of the list, it's reinventing itself as an a.i. player. that last earnings report convinced me. oracle's in that a space. iot is one that i'm really, really getting super duper hot on. then there's also chips. obviously, advanced micro would be the one that might be able to compete, and synopsis. i like synopsis a lot too. then there are the mega companies who are the ones who are buying all these a.i. chips, the teslas and netflixs of the world. imagine how well netflix knows you already. [laughter] add a layer of a.i. to that, you know, and you -- they know you better than you know yourself. and then industries, cybersecurity. layer a.i. with cybersecurity, a
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crowdstrike, palo alto networks got hammered this week with. that's three months. those are or areas where i thinking get really great a.i. exposure that will be long term. right now nvidia's the picks and shovels, but at some point we go beyond the picks and shovels era of a.i. stuart: okay, the internet, 1990s. invented and created by americans. fracking, early part of this century, created, developed by americans. a.i., right now, invented and created by americans. i think it should stay that way. i think the government should back off and allow american entrepreneur to create this magical new thing. am a i exaggerating? >> no, you're not exaggerating at all. i mean, this is what america's all about. it's, you know, i've been talking about, like, the roaring '20s. you think about how we've been ahead of the curve so many times. this is what we're all about. so any ideas of hijacking it, i there's going to be another
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committee, i was looking at the list the other day of all those folks who are going to get together and talk about the dangers of a.i. and, listen, it's a scary thing, how amazing and intelligent it is -- stuart: government shouted not throttle it. >> it shouldn't, and i don't know that it could successfully do it anyway. learning we've seen these hearings on technologies that are easier to comprehend like googling, right? imagine if like some of these folks saying they're going to go, and all they can do is make it worse, i think. stuart: i think you're right. you're looking skeptical. lauren: the market is going up and is we're seeing these record levels not because of policies out of the biden administration. he is fortunate enough to be the president while the a.i. boom -- stuart: he got a lucky break with, that's right. >> i posted a -- lauren: frack -- don't kill it. >> -- run thing tonnage and the -- truck tonnage and the stock market which typically go hand in hand. the economy is not the stock market. the stock market is about the future and this innovation that you describe. and when the president starts talking about greed-flation,
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greedy corporations, all that kind of stuff, he is making a huge, to your point, he has benefited greatly. by the way, he's benefited from the current trump taxes too. he's benefited greatly under these circumstances. why would anyone -- look at europe. look at germany. stuart: new zealand. >> almost every speech i give this year, stuart, i'm going to be focused on europe and germany. it's ironic because as much as president biden won't be allowed to brag about america and how well it's doing versus its european pierce, this election's a cautionary tale not to go down the path he wants to go down which is making us europe. stuart: i'm a reformed european, remember that. [laughter] "making money," 2 p.m. eastern here on fox business. >> thanks. stuart: moving on to politics, former congresswoman chair mccaskill went with after "the new york times" for for fact checking biden. roll tape. >> can i make a suggestion? i move that every newspaper in america quits doing any fact
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checks on joe biden until they fact check donald trump every morning on the front page. it is ridiculous that the new york times fact checked joe biden on something. i mean, he vomits lies, trump vomits lies. and every day over and over and over again, i mean, it's just ridiculous that the new york times is doing a fact check on biden while they let trump, while they're numb to the torrent of lies coming out of trump's mouth. stuart: that's trump hatred on steroids, i would say. outkick columnist mary katharine ham with me now. it's not about the facts, it's about the mental competence of the president. have i got that right? >> well, and also what is this baby e behavior? [laughter] right, this is a former senator of the united states of america saying it is off limits for a major newspaper to fact check the president of the united states of america. he can handle it. i read the fact check, by the
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way. it was fair, it was measured. of course they go a little light because it's "the new york times" and joe biden, right? but they did fact check him, and it was necessary context to the things that he's saying. and this absolute baby person of a public figure is, like, no, you're not allowed to do that. as if the press, by the way, is insufficiently energetic about fact checking donald trump, are you kidding me? that that a complaint does not ring true to anyone ever in the history of the world. stuart: we're going to move on because we have another gaffe -- [laughter] from president biden. he just used the wrong name for alexei navalny's widow, yulia. watch this. >> one thing i made clear, made clear to me is that yolanda is going to, she's going to continue to fight -- [inaudible] not letting up. thank you. [inaudible conversations] stuart: mary katherine, he could be accused of piling on here
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because almost every single day we report on a stumble, a tip or a gaffe of some -- a trip or a gaffe of some sort. are we piling on? is what we're doing legit mitt, or are we just too pick key in. >> no, i don't think it's too picky because this is a pattern that, frankly, a lot of the press was very polite and quiet about for too long when they knew what was happening. look, i'm going to give credit where it's due, he gets the facts right on navalny and the issue and the moral position correct. he does not get her name correct and, frankly, when he's in meetings often with families of those who have lost someone, he gets too self-involved, he makes mistakes, he talks about himself, and those are not ways to connect with people. i think he thinks they are. he's supposed to be mr. empathy, and he's actually quite bad at connecting with people many in those moments. and this is yet another example of that. and i think it comes from his decline to some extent which is something that voters clearly are worried about, which is why i don't think it's wrong to talk about it.
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stuart: mary katherine, i hope you've got to some nvidia stock, and i hope you have a great weekend. you're all right. >> thank you very much. have a good one. stuart: have a look at futures, please. 19 minutes from the opening bell. there's more green today, plenty of green yesterday, a bit more this morning. coming up, president biden told democrat donors that he, quote, served with real racists during his time in the senate, and he says current republicans are worse. speaker johnson calls that comment if outrageous. we'll get into it. gavin newsom is among a group of governors meeting at the white house. some are calling newsom the president in waiting. are we making too much of this? we probably are. brett power after this. ♪ ♪ i will wait, i will wait for you ♪ ameritrade is now part of schwab. bringing you an elevated experience, tailor-made for trader minds. go deeper with thinkorswim:
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stuart: you think there might be a selloff after yesterday's big rally? not happening so far. dow, s&p, nasdaq up again, plenty of green. president biden's meeting with many of the nation's governors today. among them, california governor gavin new isome. jacqui heinrich at the white house. all right, what are people saying about newsom's white house visit? >> reporter: well, stuart, the president's meeting with about three dozen governors who are here for the national association of governor' winter meet p newsome among them, and it comes after biden's 3-day swing for a fund raising tour in california. despite all the media speculation about democrats coming up with a plan b because of voter concerns about the president's age, both biden and newsom deny there is any truth to that. but there's some tough polling numbers biden's contending with, his approval rating edged down 3 points to 38% in a gallup poll, 1 point shy of his all-time low, driven in part by his handling
9:18 am
of immigration, that's 28% approving, and israel's war against hamas with 30 approving. but biden's campaign has increasingly been messaging that voters don't have to love the president, they just have to remember that the alternative is worse. biden telling donorses at a fundraiser this week, quote, i'm not the gift of all presidents, but i'm sure as a hell better than the last guy. biden's campaign has been less focused on earning support from new voters than recapturing nonvoters from within his base. their data shows there are hundreds of thousands of democrats who did not vote in 2020 the but came out in the midterms and special elections to vote against republicans, and they are going after those voters in 2024, stuart. stuart: got it. jacqui heinrich, thanks very much, indeed. bret baier with us now. all right, i'm a asking kind of tongue in cheek, are we making too much of newsom visiting the white house? >> hey, stuart. good morning. i think -- [laughter] yes, because he's just a member
9:19 am
of the governors, and is he's meeting there. i think, listen, there's a lot of speculation that he could be the guy they plug in, but how the shoes drop to get there is really tough to do logistically. and, you know, you would have to have the president step aside, then the party saying, no, kamala harris, you couldn't rise to the top being the first african-american woman vice president. it is just a tough thing to see how those shoes fall. so, no, i don't think it's a big deal that he's there today. i do think that he clearly is aspiring for higher office. stuart: okay, we'll try not to mention it again. let's move on -- [laughter] you sat down, well, you did, you sat down with president zelenskyy in ukraine. here's a brief clip of what you had to say. roll it, please. >> we talked earlier about what happens if the u.s. for some reason chose not to give you the funds. do you have another option? if is there another option? >> you understand that this help
9:20 am
is crucial. so without it, sorry, but we will have more and more such hero guys in the hospital if you don't have real defended shield and some similar powerful artillery. of course you lose people. stuart: bret they appear desperate for help. could ukraine lose if u.s. support dries up? >> i think they could lose. you know, we went to the front lines. that was in a a hospital where we saw soldiers who'd lost limbs, and he was making the appeal. in the interview, which is about an hour long and, by the way, stuart, t posted now in its entirety on fox nation, and people can see that. but it was on the front lines just about a mile and a half from the russian position. you could hear artillery fire going and coming. i think that the case he was making was he wants to be in a stronger position to be able to sit at the negotiating table. it was interesting that he said
9:21 am
it numerous times in the interview, stuart, that he could get to a negotiating table with the russians. in other words, figure out what maybe they could do as long as ukraine got security prosecute big nations of the -- from the big nations of the world and the promise that they would be secure. and that's really the big question, is whether they can get there or whether ukraine would be added to e.u. or nato. it's a big, big step. considering the volatility in that region. stuart: last one for you, biden calls putin a crazy s.o.b. at a recent private fundraiser. listen to how putin responded. roll it. >> translator: president biden, the u.s. president pride, has made a rude remark about you again. rude, rude, yes. i don't want to quote with it, but he is the united states president. he called you a crazy [bleep]. listen, or we talked long ago, and i said that we would work with nip any president, but i
9:22 am
suppose that for us, for russia, biden is more preferable. stuart: what's the domestic politics of that exchange, bret? [laughter] >> well, listen, i think the former kgb guy is always planting little things and little phrases and, clearly, he thinks maybe domestically for us that that helps trump and hurts biden if he says i'd like biden instead of trump maybe. you know, you never know with putin. he says a lot of things. and the question is whether he has aspirations beyond ukraine. and that's the thing that congress has to deal with, is whether it's worth the investment. with all the stuff that we're dealing with at the border and climb, whether it's worth that money. that's the hinge that they have to decide whether it's, whether it's worth the cost. stuart: bret, your interview with a coup, and and we'll be watching "special report," 6 p.m. eastern only on fox news and, yes, we will catch your full interview with zelenskyy and never before seen footage on fox nation. thank you, bret.
9:23 am
now this, a new gallup poll found that people are less satisfied with the state of this country. what are people most unhappy with? lauren: oh, the list is long. this is the true state of the union, right? 29 different categories, and biden's ability declined in 12 of them. very similar declines, but the biggest was our military strength, down 12 points in the past 3 years. you can see just 62% are satisfied with the military's strength. double-digit decline on the levels of immigration, that's also at 60, that's actually -- well, okay. an 11% deklein towards the nation's energy policy. he had success in 5 of those 29 categories. they included race relations, and they included the power of the federal government. that's the true state of the union ahead of the state of the union. stuart: i'm not necessarily thinking that's a great thing. thank you, lauren. check futures, please. look at this, dow's up 100 points, and the nasdaq up 60. that's another rally. the opening bell is next.
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stuart: all right, check futures, plenty of green on that screen, and james joins us. he's going to watch the market for us today. james, thanks for coming on the show. what's your price target for nvidia? >> morning, stuart. $1,000. we think based on very clear fundamentals, it's an exciting story the about this new a.i., tech-led revolution, and we think shares are worth $1,000 over the next 12 months. stuart: okay. how can you justify -- i'm asking you to justify this enormous valuations on nvidia. >> you know, it's defied the skeptics all the way down from, what, 300, $100 a share. and the fundamentals remain the same every time they report earnings. they're way better than expected. so the valuations price relative to earningsing actually has gotten cheaper every time they report which, of course, they did a couple days ago which sent the stock soaring. i think that's number one. the evaluation is -- valuations is one of the least expensive in the tech sector. i know it sounds hard to
9:29 am
believe, but they're delivering. why? because we're in this transformational a.i., tech-led bull market, and this is the mvp, most valuable player, for this a.i.-tech-semiconductor space. stuart: well, should everyone have a piece of nvidia going forward and hold it, and keep it in their portfolio til the day they die? if. >> i it's one of those you want to own, for sure, and you want to keep certainly until this a.i. long transformation, we're in the really early cycle of this, stuart, and we we with think this is multiyears long. yes, you've got to own it here. yes, it'll wiggle around. if it goes down, you buy more. this is a company that's got to be a core in your portfolio. stuart: when do they have serious competition in the a. i. chip market? >> great question. you know, they are way, way ahead, and that's high the company's deserving its valuations. but you've got companies like amd and some others that are coming i behind. but, boy -- coming up behind, but, boy, i think it's going to
9:30 am
take years before anybody gets close, which is one of those reasons why we don't get a core position in the portfolio. stuart: so you've got a $1,000 target price on nvidia. what's your time frame for it to hit $1,000? >> i think you've got to give that the next 12 months. maybe by the end of the year, but i'd give it 12 months. stuart: okay. you told us straight, $1,000 on nvidia by the end of this year. james, come back and see us again real soon. >> my pleasure. stuart: you got it. 27 seconds to the opening bell on wall street today. now, maybe you were expecting a selloff because with yesterday's rally was so strong. and so geared towards one particular if group of a.i. stocks. they all went up. maybe you could have expected a selloff this morning, but you're not going to see it, not at the opening bell. i have no idea how the market closes, but when we open up in 5 seconds, you will see green spread across all of your screen. here we go. press the button, open that market. i want to see what's happening this morning. people are tuning in for this. you want to see what happens on
9:31 am
the day after, and here's what's happening. the dow is at 39,163. that is an all-time high. we have most of the dow 30 on the upside. we've got, what, just 7 losers, 23 winners. dow's up 85 points at this stage, 39,156. s&p 500, another all-time high, 5,102. we only just crossed 5,000, and now we're at 5,100. another one-third of 1% up today. now the nasdaq, that's what i want to see, another third of 1%. 16,094. lauren: if it closes there, it's a record close for the nasdaq. stuart: a series of records. lauren: only 16 points away yesterday. stuart: all over the world, japan in particular. can we see big tech? 490 on meta. 414 on microsoft. apple's up, amazon is up. now show me the big stock the of the day, the month, the year, whatever, nvidia right now opening up at $805 a share.
9:32 am
up another 2.5%. nvidia is now above a $2 trillion market value is. there you go. only the third company in the world to be worth $2 trillion -- lauren: volume's huge. stuart: right from the get go. lauren: just hit 808. stuart: these are the chipmakers. all of them did well yesterday, welsh there's a pullback for -- lauren: oh, it's up 750% in the past year with. stuart: okay. worthy of a little selling. advanced micro devices up, intel up, qualcomm, they're all up. chips are up again. all right, now let's change the subject. lauren, what's going on with at&t and that outage? did you find out what was behind it? lauren: yes. a network improvement effort that didn't go correctly. yes. so it's a technical error, it's not a malicious attack. 1.5 million people reported an outage yesterday. service has been restored. now the fbi and dhs are investigating, so it was not a cyber attack. but i think americans got a glimpsing of what one could feel
9:33 am
like if all of a sudden you can't call 911 and your phone is not making calls or sending messages. stuart: or anybody if else. let's move on. shares of jack dorsey's payment company, that is block, surging. what was so good about their report? lauren: look at that, 17%. a surprise profit. they have cash app, like venn emo, super popular. revenue up 20%. 56 million active users e or and they also allow you to transfer bitcoin via cash app and the revenue in that unit went up 15%. stuart: i've got to feel tell you, the market's state at the moment reminds me of the 1990s and the boom. lauren: i know. everybody's talking about it. tooth stouter look what we've got now. we've got block up, what, 18%. lauren: everybody is talking about this with the follow-up question, is it too good to be true. stuart: of course they do, that's right. now look at carvana. car people, obviously. they're up 390% in the last 52 weeks. they've up again. lauren: i know.
9:34 am
another 36% just like that. they reported their first ever annual profit and they're forecasting growth for this year too. they have defied this challenge of high interest rates and inflation. they're doing fine. i want to point out one number, gross profit per used car that they sell, more than $5200. that is an increase of $3,000 in the past year. ford loses $36,000 on every electric vehicle that they sell. carvana if is profiting more than $5200 on each used car. stuart: now here's, look at rivian, they were down 25% today, they're down another, what, 6% today. they're lapp i know. they got a double downgrade. it's from ubs. uws -- ubs says they're only worth $8 a share, they had been worth $24. they love the car, they say people love the rivian cars, the problem is the market has turned and there is just not much demand for evs right now. they're also burning through
9:35 am
cash. so, you know, when you come out with a forecast, we heard from rivian yesterday they're going to sell -- or i should say make just 57,000 vehicles this year, where's the growth? stuart: it's a shakeout in the ev market. now warner brothers discovery reported by the -- before the bell. they're not doing well. lauer. lauren: and this is the studio behind barbie although barbie was released not in this quarter. they had a wider loss looking at the bottom line, and their studio revenue fell 17% because of the hollywood strikes. there is some good news. their streaming service, max, is profitable. it reached profitability before disney +, for instance, and the other legacy players. but nonetheless, you know, they're spending less on content and not make as much money. stuart: when that moon lander landed on the moon, the equipment was made by intuitive ma a keens. lauren: never heard of them until now, until this week. [laughter] stuart: that's what i said. and now they're up another 34%. lauren: just to put this in per
9:36 am
spect bi, american robots just landed on the moon. this is american innovation. we were talking about it with tech, right, with fracking, with space. they made the first ever commercial vehicle to land on the moon, private company. in fact, it just went public last year. since then shares have quadrupled. it's really cool, what they're doing on the moon if p. i mean, they carried this payload of 12 commercial and government experiments and goods. columbia sportswear, they make the jackets and the blankets, they have their gear on the moon now, and they want to test how it duds against the -- does against the extreme temperatures. that's something more minor that they're doing, but american robots are on the moon right now. stuart: i feel rather breathless this morning. perhaps because i drank some espresso --up lauren with sugar in it. [laughter] stuart: even worse. check the big board. oh, you're going to like this. big gain yesterday, up another 108 now. 39,174 on the dow. dow winners headed by, there's a long list of them, salesforce,
9:37 am
intel, microsoft at 415. amgen, american express. s&p 500 winners on the screen, topped by live nation, nvidia -- lauren: 820 for nvidia. stuart: look at that, up another 4 percent. copart, palo alto network coming back a bit, 2%. how about nasdaq winners? that's a nice list. nvidia, copart, zscaler, palo alto, zoom video. how about that? where's the yield on the 10-year treasuriesome kind of forgotten about that. it's at 4.31%. gold, well, how many people are buying gold bars right now? it's up $3 an ounce at $2,034. bitcoin, not exactly out of favor but not rallying either. $51,000 a coin. oil, mid 70s, $76.92 per barrel. show me nvidia, gotta have a look at that again. $819 right now, up another 4%. 16% yesterday, 4% today, 20% in
9:38 am
a day and one hour. the average price for a gallon of regular, $3.26. actually it's down one cent. diesel, $409. all right -- 4.09. coming up, good friend of the show dave portnoy just rescued a pit bull named miss peaches, and she's already gotten into trouble. roll it. >> miss peaches, are you now naughty? you ate my wallet? miss peaches, you ate my wallet. hey. [laughter] you -- wait, i thought you were a perfect if angel. [laughter] stuart: miss peaches ate his wallet, but that has not stopped dave portnoy from raising over $150,000 for an animal rescue group. dave and miss peaches will be here. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez mocked biden for considering executive action on the border. she says doing trump impressions isn't how we beat trump.
9:39 am
fellow new york congresswoman claudia tenney responds to aoc next. ♪ if. ♪ ♪ didn't want to leave you with the wrong impression ♪ investment opportunities are everywhere you turn. do you charge forward? freeze in your tracks? or, let curiosity light the way. at t. rowe price, we ask smart questions about opportunities like advances in healthcare and how these innovations will create a healthier world tomorrow.
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stuart: news flash, a.i. is still running this market. look on your screens, those are a.i. stocks. nvidia up $31, another 4. microsoft, alphabet, amd, all of them up. artificial intelligence rules wall street at this moment. biden considering taking executive action on the border. after all, 7.3 million migrants crossed under his watch. edward lawrence at the white house. edward, biden's meeting with the governors this morning. why isn't the border on the agenda? >> reporter: well, stu, that's to not what the white house wants to talk about. but we're going to have 34 governors from around the country here, and many of them
9:44 am
with one specific message, close the border. now, the president, you know, even in blue states as we get close now to an election year, blue tate golfs are starting to -- state governors are starting to change their tune. here's new york governor hochul who's been a big support per of the president's policies that allowed about 7.3 million if people to cross illegally. listen to her now. >> we also have to have some common sense regulations at the border on who's able to come and also more border security for those who are going to breach the border and come illegally. >> reporter: so large sanctuary cities overwhelmed by migrants seeing surges in expenses to care for people here, and in some cases illegally. some larger cities like new york starting to see an increase in crime committed by migrants. senator rick scott confused by the end game of this, allowing this many people to cross the border illegally. listen. >> does anybody understand why joe biden and the democrats want criminals, drugs, terrorists,
9:45 am
you know, human traffickers just to flood into this country? if i mean, this makes, like, i don't know -- no one, i can't talk to anyone that uns why they're doing this. uns why they're doing this. it doesn't make sense. look at the crime. >> reporter: an administration source is telling me the president's now considering executive action to bar people who cross illegally from claiming asylum. the same president that undid all of the former president's border policies which is now that undoing led to the situation we're seeing now. back to you, stu. stuart: that is correct. edward, thank you very much, indeed. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez is going after biden on the border. she posted on x, and i'm quoting now, doing trump impressions isn't how we beat trump. seeking asylum is a legal right of all people in the face of authoritarian threat. we should not buckle on our principles, end quote. new york congresswoman claude what tenny -- claudia tenney returns to the show. would you like to respond to aoc? >> it's ridiculous. first of all, thank god they're
9:46 am
only doing impressions. we would like to see them actually take action and reverse the policies that they, they implemented, president biden along with secretary mayorkas with the regulatory regime they put in place to allow this illegal migration where the human traffic thers are basically running our entire border or, and they're profiting off us at record level. they're making more money than off human trafficking than drug trafficking. aoc is ridiculous, she always is. you know, she went to the border and was crying. she should be crying at all these children being trafficked around the country, children dying at the border because cartels don't care about them including our northern border where a family with two young children died in a swamp trying to get across the border. she doesn't care. she's just pitching to the progressive left. stuart: congresswoman, biden is going after republicans. listen to this. i've been a senator since 1972. i've served with real racists. i've served with strom thurmond,
9:47 am
i've served with all these guys that have set terrible records on race. but guess what? these guys are worse. these guys do not believe in basic democratic principles. time and genre palin show they are the party of -- again, republicans show they are the party of chaos. congresswoman, i think the just calls you a racist. >> yeah, it's absurd. there has not been a more racist president in the white house than joe biden. remember what he said about president obama, finally we have a clean, aroundic late guy who's of color to run for office. this guy has made more gaffes, if you're a 7/eleven run by people from indian descent. you name it. the democrats actually know that, but think their attempts to try to insert race into everything is a last ditch effort because it's proven that people of color are starting to move more more to the republican party. they're coming from other countries, and they're coming here for for freedom. the ones that are coming here legally and waiting in line, no one with ever talks about the millions of people who are
9:48 am
waiting to come to this country legally. we all talk about the tragedy at the border, the millions and and the billions actually being spent particularly by new york city if, but this is absurd is. from really i consider a president to be probably the most racist president we've had in the modern era. stuart: his statement actually reminded me of hillary clinton and her deplorables speech where she just rattled off all these people are just deplorable. and she lost, by the way. let's not forget that. >> no, i agree. and biden's just made so many comments over the years and taken action. heft the guy can who was all for all these criminal justicing crackdown -- justice crackdown way back in his floor speeches in the senate, and now all of a sudden he's the party of people of color. that's ridiculous. i think people of color just like everybody else, all human beings want dignity, they want to have an opportunity to prosper in this cunninger they want freedom, they want to be protected by our government. that's your.
9:49 am
our job is to protect them, and he's not tongue that. his -- he's not doing that. his actions at the border, inaction at the border are killing americans and putting us in harm's way. stuart: claudia tenney, thank you very much for being with us, we like your response. see you later. >> thank you so much. stuart: one republican congressman is calling a biden impeachment unlikely. lauren: it's a republican from pennsylvania, congressman scott perry. he says the impeachment is unlikely because of the remin' slim majority in the house, but he still wants to go through the motions to bring biden's, quote, wrongdoing to light. so he wants to influence public opinion even if they can't get an impeachment with just, you know, it's political. put it that way. with just over 8 months until election -- stuart: inpeach. usually highly political. thanks, lauren. coming up, for the left it's never enough. they always want more money so they can spend more buying votes. you are going to hear from the if president how the rich should pay their fair share. drives me nuts. that's my take, top of the hour.
9:50 am
letitia james is being accused of unfairly targeting trump, but, you know, it's not her first high profile case. we're looking at the attorney general 's he tissues history next. ♪ (♪) we're lucky to have this team working for us. our therapists give their all each day, by helping those who need it most. we take great pride not just in the job our team does, but in them as people. our people. and while we're in the business of taking care of others... it's important our therapists know that with benefits from principal, they're taken care of too. (♪)
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stuart: new york attorney general letitia james being accused of unfairly targeting donald trump. lydia hu is at trump tower for us this morning in new york city. lydia, has the attorney general gone after trump before? >> reporter: yeah, stuart, she has,s back in 2019. letitia james sued the charitable trump foundation, and that forced donald trump to shut the charity down and pay a $2 million fine. and and you may recall that it was the year before, back in 2018, when letitia james was campaigning for the office of attorney general that she started making pledges that she would keep trump, quote, in check. watch here. >> with respect to donald trump,
9:55 am
we need to follow his money. we need to find out where he's laundered money. we need to find out whether or not he's engaged in conspiracy. that should motivate you, get off your ass and vote. >> will you sue him for us? >> oh, we're going to definitely sue him. we're going to be a pain in his ass. he's going to know my name personally. >> reporter: her 2021 investigate into sexual harassment allegations against then-democratic governor andrew cuomo produced a scathing report. cuomo later resigned always denying wrongdoing. her lawsuit are against the national rifle association now is being considered by a jury. it accuses top the leaders of financial mismanagement, and critics say it is simply a blatant attempt to advance gun control. other targets include e-cigarette maker juul and pharma bro martin shkreli and
9:56 am
exson mobile. we asked james' office to address the criticisms that her a lawsuits gwen donald trump are politically -- against donald trump are politically motivated. we did not hear back, but in public appearances james always maintains that her lawsuits are about the rule of law. back to you. stuart: got it. lydia hu, thank you very much, indeed. speaker johnson says biden's comment that republicans are racist is outrageous. tammy bruce will have something to say about that. tomorrow marks two years since russia's invasion of ukraine. does zelenskyy lose without u.s. support? former u.s. ambassador to nato, kurt volker, will respond. dave portnoy adopted a dog named miss peaches and is raising money for dog rescues. it's a feel-good story. dave and miss if peaches will be here. and tomorrow is south carolina's republican primary. are we looking at a blowout for trump? bill hemmer on that. the 10:00 hour is next. ♪ everybody, yeah, rock your body, yeah.
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